With POV2 : The Case For Square Waves While Searching For Happy Accidents, Peter Grenader and Miles Richmond have ushered a departure from the first POV release in large part by returning to their Westcoast minimalist roots, chronicled here in the BBC documentary Tones, Drones and Arpeggios.   It tests a wide pallet of sonic possibilities - from ethereal timbral pastures to biting, hard hitting fury. POV2 is a digital album only, which if purchased on Bandcamp also includes three bonus tracks containing the isolated playing of Peter Grenader, Miles Richmond and Steve Roach on 1,000 Theos.

The thrust of POV was to sculpt a multi-timbral sonic landscape based upon  guitar and  processed  guitar via a modular synthesizer equipped with both standard and granular sampling capability. While looping was incorporated, the synths were not just a pedal board for the guitar - by ‘freezing’ a sample, the guitar acted as the oscillators for the synths.

 While electronically generated timbres were incorporated, they were an exception.



The title track, TCFSWWSFHA was built over a three-part acoustic guitar track by Miles Richmond, chronologically the first new track of POV2 which was begun in late August of 2019. It is highlighted by the electronic processing and looping of the guitar information by Peter Grenader and Steve Roach's synth chord accompaniment.


1,000 THEOS

Aptly named - 1,000 Theos soars over a massive soundmass drone built enirely of sustained alto flute tracks - some dry, some processed - provided for us by Theo Travis. At times there are over 50 individual interweaving parts. It was the second track composed, begun in December of 2019 and completed in early 2020, with the intention of live performance as it's focus.


SBA is an exercise in older disciplines based on an idea that had been floating around for over a year and got it's name from a 1968 episode of the police drama Dragnet. Utilizing a process not dissimilar to that in Steve Reich's groundbreaking minimalist masterpiece It's Gonna RainSBA consists of eight different analog tape loops of varying length taken from a single screaming guitar riff by Miles Richmond. These loops were processed through a Teac X-10 two track reel to reel deck which had been modified with a switch that DQd the erase heads upon need. SBA is dedicated to another modern day aesthete of analog tape loops, Dublab Radio DJ and friend Thomas Klepper.



A drifting, mellifluous journey into alpha state.   Van Dusen Green is reminiscent of King Crimson's Trio and mainly a duet between Martin Shellard's haunting  looped guitar stems and Peter Grenader on mellotron and sine tones generated on an analog modular synth.


Hattusha (aka Troy) is named for the bronze-age capital of the Hittite Empire and as such the sister piece to Peter Grenader's Linear A (the written language used by both the Hittites and the Minoans) which first appeared on the zZyzx Society's release in 2018 and later on the PATCH CV VOL 2 vinyl release. It was the last of the four pieces and composed over a five week period beginning at the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States in March 0f 2020. Starting off with an eerie two-note drone by Steve Roach, it crescendos over a five minute period, paced by Martin Shellard's soaring guitar before settling into Thighpaulsandra's thoughtfully minimalist piano cadenza, a nod to the work of Hal Budd.






Written by Peter Grenader and Miles Richmond, except 1,000 Theos written by Peter Grenader, Hattusha written by  Peter Grenader, Steve Roach and Thighpaulsandra and Northern Light written by Martin Shellard and Peter Grenader)

Produced by Peter Grenader

Mastering by Jos Smolders (Earlabs)

Typography by Simon Paul

Photography by Chuck van Zyl

All material ASCAP except Hattusha  (ASCAP and BMI)

Special thanks to Thighpaulsandra, Theo Travis, Steve Roach, Martin Shellard, Chuck van Zyl and Susan Lafay


Peter Grenader : Analog and Digital Electronics, Guitar samples, Flute samples, Mellotron

Miles Richmond : Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Steve Roach : Additional synths on The Case For Square Waves While Searching For Happy Accidents, 1,000 Theos, Van Dusen Green and Hattusha

Thighpaulsandra : Piano

Theo Travis : Alto flute

Martin Shellard : Guitar on Hattusha and Van Dusen Green


Peter Grenader has an enduring history in electronic music. Studying composition at CalArts with Morton Subotnick, his work has been performed throughout the USA and Europe -- winning the Virginia Commonwealth EAM Festival and the Periòdic Experimental Music Festival in Barcelona.   Past collaborations include Analoglive (with Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails,  Coil/Elizabeth Fraser synthesist Thighpaulsandra, film composer Gary Chang,  Chas Smith and Richard Devine),  zZyzx Society (with Jill Fraser and featuring Chas Smith, Thighpaulsandra and Tool's Danny Carey)  and The Third Ear (with Shiro Fujioka and Doug Lynner). He was featured in the Patch CV Modular Revolution documentary series, Darwin Gross'  Art + Music + Technology ep. 208 and Data Cult Audio vol. 0106. Past releases include Secret Life on Coda Recordings, The zZyzx Society on ZSR Records, Patch.CV Two on Organic Records and POV on ZSR Records.

Miles Richmond is a Hollywood trained composer/arranger with a long tenure in music production with Tuesday Productions including cues for Budweiser, Disney, Ford, American Airlines, CBS Sports, Target, KFC, Chevrolet among others. Previous released collaborations include Tugruvu, which integrated sampled NYC street interviews and found sound with electronic forth world rhythmic/ambient elements in the spirit of Jon Hassell, and 8 albums with Komla Amoaku - founder and director of the National Theatre of Ghana in Accra, West Africa.


Steve Roach is a leading American pioneer in the evolution of ambient/electronic music. Grammy nominated in 2018 and 2019 consecutively, his career spans 4 decades and nearly 200 releases including Structures from Silence, Dreamtime return and Mysrtic Chords& & Sacred Spaces parts 1-4. Drawing from a vast, unique and deeply personal authenticity, his works are fueled by the momentum of a lifetime dedicated to the soundcurrent.  Roach is an artist operating at the pinnacle of his artform, driven by a passion, unbroken focus and time-suspending spaces reflecting his spiritual  home  in Arizona to the fire-breathing,sequencer-driven rhythmic-tribal expressions woven from all  things electric and  organic, this innovative world of sound has been nourished by years of transcendent concerts worldwide.  Capturing peak moments as they occur in his Timeroom studio,  he creates a sonic experiencce that breathes emotion and vital life energy to an ever-growing worldwide audience.

Thighpaulsandra is a Welsh experimental musician and multi-instrumentalist known mostly for performing on synthesizers and keyboards. He began his career working with Julian Cope in the late 1980s, becoming a member of Cope's touring band. A collaboration with Cope in 1993 followed, as the experimental duo Queen Elizabeth. In 1997, former Cope guitarist Mike Mooney invited Thighpaulsandra to fill in for the departing Kate Radley on a Spiritualized tour, where he remained until early 2008. In 1998 he also became a member of the experimental band Coil. He has subsequently released several solo albums and currently performs and records with Elizabeth Fraser, Tim Burgess and as part of URUK with Massimo Pupillo (of Italian band Zu) and UUUU, a band also featuring Valentina Magaletti and Graham Lewis and Matthew Simms both of Wire.

Theo Travis is a British saxophonist, flautist and composer. He is best known for being a member of Soft Machine which he joined in 2006 while the group was still using the "Legacy" suffix and for being a member of Gong from 1999 to 2010. He has also worked with Harold Budd, Bass Communion, Burnt Friedman, No-Man, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, The Tangent, Dave and Richard Sinclair, David Sylvian and David Gilmour.

Martin Shellard is a British guitarist and ex-member of  the band Thunderstick and a long-time collaborator with Thighpaulsandra. He has played guitar for Elizabeth Fraser, Warshow Angels,  Waterfront, Magenta, Jay Aston and  T
he Simpsons for the song "The Ten Commandments of Bart" on the album The Yellow Album. His transcriptions of notable guitar parts including those of The Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Iron Maiden, Paul Simon and been published 160 times in 265 different publications. 

The Case For Square Waves
1,000 Theos
Southwestern Businessman's Association.m
Van Dusen Green
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Digital (WAV/mp3) COMING JUNE  2020

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Isolated tracks of Miles Richmond's, Peter Grenader's and Steve Roach's parts on 1,000 Theos.

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